Are you working out efficiently?

Are you working out efficiently?

What’s usually the first thing you do at the gym? Or any workout, for that matter.

I’ll do 30 minutes on the treadmill and head over to the weights. 

Two hours later, you’ve exhausted yourself over a full workout, sweated through your entire shirt and feel like you’re just about done for the day.  There’s nothing wrong with this, however, imagine getting the same, or even better and longer last results with a shorter workout.

Dr. Jason Lemieux of Physiomed Oakville has been tracking the progress and results of his brand new AirDyne machine.  Similar to a bike, the wind resistant cycle involves pedaling and arm movement that gradually resist movement the faster you go.  Taking notes from the Tabata structure, the goal os this type of workout is to save time, see results and keep your metabolism going for much longer.

Below, Dr. Lemeiux and Reshad demonstrate a basic AirDyne workout, discuss the background of it as well as what kind of results you could expect!



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