Vaping to Sleep?

Vaping to Sleep?

Not too long ago we announced our VAPZ Vita Stix will be coming soon.  Well, pardon the wait but we got a little carried away in the labs.  So carried away that we have created three brand new Vita Stix that do much more than giving you a daily dose of essential vitamins.

Our three new vape pens are actually customized to help you overcome some of the challenges that people have with today’s hustle and bustle demanded of so many of us.  From overworking yourself throughout the week to having trouble putting your mind to rest at the end of a long day, one of our brand new Vita Stix will be just what you need.  Our new additions to the VAPZ family are convenient and effective.


You know that feeling you get around mid-afternoon? The sleepy, unmotivated exhaustion that makes the rest of your day feel like a 10k marathon.  Our Forte Vita Stix is packed with essential vitamins and a hearty dose of B12 and ginseng to give you the boost you need to get through your day.  Forte also packs in natural energy boosters such taurine and guarana extract to help you maintain your energy throughout your busy day.  Not only does Forte provides the energy you need, but made with natural mango and mint extracts, the bold flavour will make every puff an invigorating experience.


Sleep doesn’t always come easy for most people.  Things to do, bills to pay, places to go; all the lists we go through in our mind before bed makes it difficult to get the rest you need to recharge.  Relax is the perfect bedtime companion.  The calming effects of lavender and valerian oil are combined with the natural hormone melatonin, a common supplement taken by those chasing sleep in the wee hours of the morning.  Relax also provides a subtle hint of vanilla while subtle notes of lavender surface with every inhale.


We’ve all heard about the magical little blue pill.  But sometimes that option swings a little too hard when it’s time to bat. Our Sultry vape pen offers just the right amount of natural aphrodisiacs to set everything in motion.  A balanced blend of ancient aphrodisiacs such as jasmine, used in ancient India by women to entice their husbands, as well as cinnamon and nutmeg, both of which are known to increase sexual libido help to increase sexual desire, overcome low libido and boost blood flow.  With the added B12 to help maintain your energy, this may be the only love potion you need!

VAPZ Vita Stix will be available soon! Make sure you check back at the shop or follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can get the latest news on all of our products!

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