Frosh Survival Guide

Frosh Survival Guide

Whether you’re a bright eyed vibrant first year or a seasoned veteran ready to get this last year over with, DoUKnow has got your back. We’ve got your Frosh Week survival guide!

Stay Hydrated

If this is your first frosh, just know it takes a lot of energy. And even though you’ve got that perky, fresh out of high school boost, your body doesn’t exactly rely on your excitement to stay hydrated.  Add some alcohol to that, mix in that delicious humidity that’s been lingering after our 30+ degree temperatures and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Keep a water bottle with you that’s easy to refill.  You’ll thank yourself later when you’re in a crowd of people marching in a parade with some guy in face paint yelling the mascot’s name in your ear.

Be prepared

You don’t have to be a germaphobe to know there’s some pretty gross things you can come across in a public washroom. Much less during an all week party right before the semester kicks off. I’m talking possible run-ins with all possible bodily fluids — this doubles if you’re living on campus.  Keep those anti-bacterial minis strapped to your bag, Keep some wipes for the less maintained restrooms and make sure to keep some mouthwash or gum nearby. Nobody likes booze breath.

Quench your thirst – safely

Something about a new school, new semester and new friends seems to get said bodily fluids going. As an adult, do as you wish. However, stay safe. There’s plenty of information and free contraceptives available at your school clinic.  It won’t hurt to be cautious about your surroundings and if you’re heading out to paint the town red or hitting up a dorm party, try to stay close to someone you know or trust.  Parties are fun but sometimes people forget their limits and boundaries and sometimes they forget to respect someone else’s boundaries. If they don’t want tea, don’t give them tea.

Don’t be shy

I get it. It’s your first day, or at the very least your first orientation without mum holding your hand. Not that you want her there, but now you’re stuck making awkward attempts at conversation with someone you just met while getting your timetable, or better yet, the person that you’ll be sharing a room with for the next 7 months. Listen you little unicorn — not everyone is going to love you. On the other hand, some people are going to think you are a one of a kind gem. Be yourself, and let people come and go as they may. You’ll find your place sooner than later.

Have fun

With that being said, you’re going to meet people you don’t necessarily enjoy. Be it different opinions, interests, political views or drink of choice (I don’t trust anyone that drinks Finlandia. Anything mixed with cranberry juice, and you’re probably pretty shady.).  And as I’ve said before, not everyone is going to be your number one fan. So in the words of Hova, go and brush your shoulders off. 

Good Luck!

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