Got Ink?

Got Ink?

Been thinking about getting some ink? Before you take the plunge in a lifelong commitment, we’ve got some important things to consider!


The first thing people usually consider when wanting to get inked for the first time is ‘What should I get?’. For most, they want it tomeansomething to them, but the thing to remember is that at the end of the day, it is for you. And sometimes that meaning isn’t something you want to explain to someone, nor are you required to let people in on it.

If you don’t have a particular meaning and just like the aesthetic of a particular image, then do you, boo boo! By no means am I suggesting you get a tatt of thehuman centipedeon your body but if there is any time to brush off other people’s opinions, it would be when deciding what to have onyourbody for the rest ofyourlife.


Do I want something hidden? Or should I go for something more exposed?

This is important. I’m sure you’ve heard that once you get one, it’s easy to become addicted. Take it from me, it’s quite possible.  I was only supposed to get one.  I’m only at four but have already covered my arms and thigh mentally.

When you’re getting your first one, I usually suggest going for something you can easily keep hidden and only expose if you really feel like it.  Aside from exposure, keep in mind that certain places are much more painful than others.


Many people tend to stick to smaller pieces for their first ink job, unsure about how the needle is going to feel or even how they’ll feel about the work after it’s complete.  With regards to size, it’s also important to remember that any detailed work will need to maintain some extra space.

Another thing to keep in mind when thinking about size is your budget.  Like any commissioned work you get from an artist, tattoos are priced based on the time it takes to complete.  Shops start at a base price and then charge a cost per hour.  Most places will start at a base price of $80, and require a security deposit to hold your appointment.


Last, but most certainly not least, is that anyone thinking of getting a tattoo should remember that your piece is also a person’s artwork.  Tattoo artists are just that, artists. And each person has their own style most of the time. Traditional style inkwork is the most common style, however, artists such asCorey DivineandSasha Unisexare changing the scene with intricate line work and watercolour-like geometric designs the possibilities are endless.  Your body is a canvas and we have arrived at a time where the options are endless.

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