How to Keep Cool in the Summer (Without Air Conditioning)

How to Keep Cool in the Summer (Without Air Conditioning)

DoUKnow how you can keep cool this summer? You asked, we answered! Here are some of our duk rips for staying cool during the summer months!  


1. Wear thin clothing

Selecting thin lightweight cotton will help your body breathe easier in the hot, muggy, humid weather.

2. Conserving your energy

Relaxing and meditating is a hidden key to stay cool in the summer. Attempting to these exercises will get help keep your mind focused on relaxing rather than stressing in the heat. 

3. Eat Cool Treats

Eating popsicles, ice cream or even snow cones will keep your body cool for a good hour. 

4. Stay downstairs

In most households, the basement is usually the coldest area in the house. Take advantage of the opportunity to cool yourself down in the basement.  

5. Lone Wolf Movements

Sorry love birds, but sleeping alone will tremendously make life easier for you when you’re trying to sleep without the additional body heat of your spouse or whoever you’re sleeping with ^^ 

6. H20

The magic of cold water can be the key to helping you survive the summer hotness. Always try to keep yourself hydrated with cold water as it will help bring your body temperature down for the hot weather. 

7. Nudies

Not effective in public, but being naked is unsurprisingly effective when you’re battling the 30-degree weather.   

8. Five Minute Cold Shower

Soaking yourself in cold water will help you stay cool for a good couple of hours.  

9. Turn off the lights

Lighting is a major source for creating heat. Turning off all lights will decrease room temperature. 

10. Stay Outdoors

Unless you live in a house with air-conditioning, staying outdoors is way better than sticking inside. You can at least get a little breeze staying outside [in the shade] than being inside. 


Got any more useful tips for staying cool that you’d like to share? 

Go ahead, ask us anything! 

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