Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dad

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dad

It’s Father’s Day today! Did you get dad a gift? If you answered yes, congratulations you’re on the ball! If you answered no, well what’s up with that? You still have a whole day ahead of you. Meaning you still have time to get dad a great gift!


Here are some of doUknow picks for top last minute gift ideas for dad! 


Can’t go wrong with some Hennessy!  


Giving pops a bottle of Hennessey for Father’s day might be best gift you can give. It shows that you are not cheap when it comes to giving your father a gift, and it demonstrates that you have an understanding of good quality liquor. Perhaps he’ll even share with you!    


Ice.. Cold.. Beer!


Almost every dad in the world loves beer. Whether if its Ales, Lagers, Porters or Malts, beer is the perfect gift for any father. Not to mention you’ll be saving dad a trip to the beer store.  Hey, he might even take your gift and drink it with you. At the end of the day you can’t go wrong with beer!


Get your Tickets!  


Tickets to a concert or a sporting event are always a good choice to surprise your father with on father’s day. You can share the wonderful experience with your dad and it will forever become a memory that you can cherish together!


Mmmm Rib-Eye Steak

Besides a dog, a mans second best friend is the rib-eye steak. Why not cook your father up a real meal for father’s day. Trust us, your father will be very happy with what you’re feeding him. If you are unsure of how to marinate a good rib-eye steak watch the link down below for some inspiration. 



Whether you get Dad a gift or not, what’s most important is that you spend time with him! Time doesn’t cost a penny but holds the greatest value! 



Happy Father’s Day! 


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