Liked last summer’s weather? Great! It’s coming back.

Liked last summer’s weather? Great! It’s coming back.


Summer is right around the corner. Which means it is necessary for us to know what Mother Nature has in store for us. It totally determines our summer wardrobe and weekend plans. Please don’t rain on our parade?

You asked, we answered!

According to the team of forecasters at The Weather Network, Ontario is basically in for a repeat of last summer. Yes, we will be pulling out the long sleeves in August. Temperatures are expected to be cooler than seasonal overall, and not that sunny. Cooler than seasonal isn’t all that bad..Right? It just means we will be a bit more “comfortable” than we are used to. Optimism is key!  

So, in a nutshell, be prepared to go on a roller coaster ride with the weather. One day may be hot and the next day may be cool…just roll with the punches!  

Let’s not forget the most important part here, it’s SUMMER! We’ve waited a lonnnnggggg winter for this time to get here. Don’t let the weather stop you!



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