Do You Know that Samsung and Apple are two of the world’s largest cell phone manufactures in the world?  Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung’s Galaxy 6 Edge are currently in a skirmish of persuading millions of people around the world that they have the best phone out in the market. In this review we will compare and analyze which phone is the better option for your needs. 


Here is our review on the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge VS iPhone 6 Plus 




TheiPhone 6 Plusmeasures 158mm high, 78mm wide and 7.1mm thin

TheGalaxy 6 Edgemeasures 142mm high, 70mm wide and 7mm thin


The iPhone 6 Plus beats the Galaxy Edge in terms of size — though both phones are very thin, we believe the 6 Plus is a better phone in terms of the overall size. Watching videos or Netflix would be more amusing compared to the 6 Edge.



The exterior of theiPhone 6 Plus has an aluminum back. The front of the6 Plusis made out of sapphire glass. It has been reported that the iPhone 6 is sensitive to the pressure of force, meaning it is very possible for the phone to be bend.

TheGalaxy 6 Edgeis designed on Gorilla Glass, both front and back. This means that the phone is optimized to survive being dropped on the road or sidewalk. 




Not much has changed from theiPhone 5toiPhone 6in terms of the screen. The only difference is the size. The screen on theiPhone 6and6 Plusis much larger compared to theiPhone 5.

Samsung introduced its6 Edge(hence its name) with a new, curved edge. This feature includes a cool display and a curve that no phone has ever had before. It’s more than just an edge! 


Display (Resolution)

iPhone 6 Plus – 1920 X 1080 | 577 ppi

Galaxy 6 Edge – 2560 X1440 | 401 ppi


The 6 Edge has a wider display resolution compared to the 6 Plus. Owning a 6 Edge would be very beneficial if you are looking for the highest resolution. 



Galaxy 6 Edge– 3GB

iPhone 6 Plus– 1GB


The ram on the6 Edgeis 3 times faster than the6 plus. Owning the6 Edgewill make you extremely happy as you have the advantage of a faster phone compared to the6 plus.


Fast Charging

The6 Edgebeats theiPhone 6by far when it comes to charging your phone. The6 Edgecan quickly juice up a nearly dead battery to a respectable state in a matter of a couple of minutes. The 6 Edge also has a new feature that allows your phone to be on power saving mode to keep it from using most of its battery life. But we’re not finished, Samsung has also invented a device that allows all Samsung 6 phones to be charged using wireless charging cases!




Galaxy 6 Edge–  32GB | 64GB | 128GB

iPhone 6 Plus–  16GB | 64GB |128GB


Running out of space on your phone can always be a pain in the you know what. Samsung surprised everyone when they announced that the minimum GB that the GSB carries is 32GB! That is double the amount of space on the iPhone 6.


Camera Megapixels


Galaxy 6 Edge– 16MP

iPhone 6 Plus– 8MP



Galaxy 6 Edge– 5MP

iPhone 6 Plus– 1.2MP


Samsung has one up on Apple in this regard. The MP on theGalaxy 6is double compared to theiPhone 6. This is a huge upgrade; anyone who owns a Galaxy 6will be pleased with this feature!



All in all we have to give it up to theSamsung Galaxy 6 Edgefor literally beating theiPhone 6 Plusin pretty much every category. Both of these phones are in contention to be the top two phones in the world but the6 Edgeliterally the has an edge over the iPhone. Can’t wait to see what Apple comes up with next!


And cue the Apple vs Samsung debate! Are you team iPhone or Samsung Android?  


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