Slang on fleek

Slang on fleek

We hope you’re not that person who is still trying to make fetch happen. We know you know all the popular slang words, but do you know what they mean? Most importantly how to use them? Don’t worry…DoUKnow has your back! By the end of this blog we’ll have you ready to turn up with your squad and be less basic. 

Here we go..


Definition: “Before anyone else” is what it really stands for, but it’s being used more often as a shortened version of “babe.”  Bae is commonly used to describe and/or refer a current love interest.

How to use it: Bae is looking good tonight or He’s my bae, he just may not know it yet. 

Turnt Up

Definition: We have Wiz & Juciy J to thank for this one. Turnt up refers to the times when you go, or are about to go, crazy at a party or the club. Often captured on Instagram and SnapChat.   

How to use it: We’re getting turnt up tonight or this party is turnt 


Definition: This term is often used to describe a person who is solely interested in things that are currently trending and popular. Rather, referring to someone’s personality as bland or boring.   

How to use it: All that girl does is drink pumpkin spice lattes and play Candy Crush- she’s so basic. 

On Fleek 

Definition: The term is used to describe something that is perfect or on point. 

How to use it: Eyebrows on fleek or my outfit is on fleek today


Definition: This term refers to your regular group of friends. It’s important to note that this term is less likely to be used in conversation. It is more often used as a caption.

How to use it: #Squad on a group picture on Instagram or My squad is better than yours. 


Definition: The recent rise of this term is attributed to the release of a song that we are sure you all know. It refers to one’s closest and most trusted friends. Thanks Drizzy. 

How to use it: Running through the six with my woes


DoUKnow is always keeping you in the know! 

Do you know of any hot slang words that we missed? Let us know by commenting below! 


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