Toronto Through Your Camera Lens

Toronto Through Your Camera Lens

There is no shortage of angles when it comes to taking pictures in Toronto! The Toronto skyline is changing every day, and as new high-rises continue to go up all over the city, the views transform significantly. The top views of Toronto aren’t just for tourists, they are for photography enthused individuals and the overall population who adores adventures and new sights! 


Take a look at our doUKnow picks for the best views of beautiful Toronto! 


Riverdale Park


If you are looking for the best view of the city, Riverdale Park will give you the picturesque view you’ve been looking for. Located near Broadview & Gerrard, Riverdale Park is actually a historic park. The park captures the beautiful Toronto skyline with the Don Valley highway streaming down towards the city. 


Dundas Square


Welcome to the Times Square of Toronto! Yonge & Dundas Square is considered to be the heart of Toronto. There is always something going on in the square, no matter the time or day! In this area you will find the legendary Eaton Centre, which hosts just about every retail store you can think of. Not to mention the endless restaurants and great eats. P.S obviously it’s on Yonge Street- the longest street in the world! 

China Town 


On the streets of Spadina and Dundas, you will find the little town that never sleeps. Offering the best, and most authentic in Asian cuisine, the bright lights and busy streets make for the perfect opportunities for photos.


Graffiti Alley 


Right in the core of downtown Toronto! Near Richmond St W & Portland St, the Graffiti Alley is arguably the least creepiest alley you will ever walk through. Along Graffiti Alley you will find some of the most unique, prettiest, sickest, badass, adorning it’s facade. This alley is heaven to many photographers around the world. 


Financial District



If you like being surrounded by big buildings and lots of traffic & pedestrians, this one is for you! The Financial District has got it all! The downtown core of Toronto is filled with major corporate skyscrapers. You will get a full dose of what it feels like to be trapped in an environment filled with people in suits and nice cars. It is definitely the place you want to be at night to capture amazing shots of the whole city lit up! 




Yorkville, also known as the high end fashion district is where you will find all your favourite luxury brands – Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Hermes and Versace to name a few. If you like the lifestyle of the rich and famous, you can head to Yorkville to find everything that your money can’t buy. Good thing you have your camera!


Remember, these are only a few of our picks. Toronto is a HUGE city that brings endless places to explore! Get out there and discover. P.S don’t forget to take pictures! 

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