Rules and Regulations – Match Card Game

doUknow’s Match Card Game Rules and Regulations

– Each person can select any prize amount they want to win. The odds will depend on which prize is selected.

– To win the prize selected, 2 out of the 4 cards much match exactly including suit and number.

– Only players over the age of 19 are allowed to play the Card Match Game.

– Each person will have 10 tries per day per email – some bonus days will be indicated on the match game page.

– doUknow Card Match game is opened to Canada and US

– Valid email address only will be awarded prizes.

– Free email address, or disposable email address will not be accepted. All prizes subject to verification. Fake email or multiple variations will be subject to disqualification and denied any prize.

– Cash Prizes available $50, $10, $5 and prize giveaway (includes Premium Coffee and Tea valued at $12-$24)

– Official prize is determined from match game logs. If 2 card match, player will need to acknowledge by pressing the ‘I won’ button and completing the requested code. If player fails to do so and continues the game, prize will be forfeited.

– Prize will need to be verified via email address. Please allow 3-6 week for prize distribution.

– Cash prizes will be awarded via doUknow’s Prepaid Visa Card and valued in Canadian funds.

– Maximum 3 emails per person to keep it fair to everyone.

– Playing the doUknow Card Match game, you agree to receive emails from doUknow

– Emails are never sold or given away to third parties and only used for doUknow promotions and newsletters.


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