Spin to Win Rules and Regulations

doUknow’s Spin to Win Rules and Regulations

– One spin per day per email address.

– Spin to win opened to Canada and US

– Each monthly or weekly draw entry received will increase individual odds of winning.

– Valid email address only will be awarded prizes.

– Free email address, or disposable email address will not be accepted. All prizes subject to verification. Fake email or multiple variations will be subject to disqualification and denied any prize.

– Odds of winning weekly/monthly draws depend on number of entries received.

– Cash Prizes available $10, $25, $50, $100, and $1,000 (monthly draw randomly selected from entries). Monthly Draw entry will enter you into a random draw at the end of the month. Weekly Draw entry will enter you into a random draw at the end of the week. Only winners drawn from a pool of entries will be contacted.

– Official prize is determined from spin logs and prize indicated beside ‘You won’ including any time spin indicator stops on line or touches line between prizes.

– Winners of weekly draw will be drawn at random at the end of the week for players who ‘Spin to Win’ during the week.

– Monthly draw from pool of monthly draw winners will be randomly selected the first week of the following month

– Prize will need to be verified via email address. Please allow 3-6 week for prize distribution.

– Cash prizes will be awarded via doUknow’s Prepaid Visa Card and valued in Canadian funds.

– Maximum 3 emails per person to keep it fair to everyone.

– Playing ‘Spin to Win’ you agree to receive emails from doUknow

– Emails are never sold or given away to third parties and only used for doUknow promotions and newsletters.


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