VAPZ Soy Candles vs. Paraffin

VAPZ Soy Candles vs. Paraffin

VAPZ is constantly looking for natural solutions and alternatives to everyday pleasures and our latest quest was to find a natural scented candle that doesn’t overpower the room, fills the air with a light scent and, most importantly, doesn’t emit harmful particles into the air.  Most of us wouldn’t think twice about burning a scented candle at home, but paraffin candles release much more than just fragrance into your home.

Have you ever lit a candle, let it burn and noticed the unsightly black ring that collects at the top of the jar?  Paraffin candles tend to produce soot, and although you can’t always see it, there’s always particles in the air, on the walls and even drapes.  Not only does it affect the aesthetic of your home, but paraffin candles also raise the CO2 levels in the air.  On top of that, soy candles can easily be scented with essential oils rather than chemical fragrances.  Many of our VAPZ Senses is made with just that!

You should care about what goes into your body and your home.  Check out the full line of VAPZ Natural Soy Candles here!

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