5 Tips for a More Energetic Morning

5 Tips for a More Energetic Morning

Are you a morning person?

I have always envied those who have this supernatural power to rise with the sun and actually get sh*t done before having to be anywhere before noon.  Okay, 12pm may be pushing it, but you get my point.  Mornings and I aren’t exactly the best of friends.  I need affection and cuddles and sleep they just don’t offer me that.  Alas, I’m learning to compromise.

Here’s a few tips to help gain a bit more energy in the morning:

·         Grow up

o   Skip Corn Pops and Frosted Flakes for something a bit more grown up with less sugar and additives

·         Avoid the drive-thru

o   Fast food breakfasts are usually a carb fest with a lot of added sugars and salt; so what you may think is a small quick breakfast is probably a lot more calories and sodium that you’d think

·         Manage your time

o   We’ve all seen beautifully laid out meal preps but may not have the time or will to do such a grand preparation, however, preparing certain things the night before for breakfast can save you time.

·         Plan ahead

o   It never hurts to plan what you’ll be eating for the week ahead of time.  It’s especially helpful when it comes to breakfast so you can prepare or even make certain things ahead then simply heat them in the morning.

·         Get the protein

o   Protein is a great source of energy and will suppress your appetite a bit to avoid snacking throughout the day.


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