7 ways to stop procrastinating

7 ways to stop procrastinating

1. Start early

Getting a headstart will make the task feel less daunting. It’s easier to stop procrastinating when you know you’ve already made a dent.


2. Set a closer due date

Give yourself an earlier deadline to work towards. If nothing else, working towards an earlier date will give you some breathing room to git’r’done.


3. Prioritize

Look at all the things you NEED (not want) to do, then make a task list based on due dates and importance


4. Set small goals

Completing smaller tasks will help you break a project up into more manageable pieces


5. Social media

Just don’t. It’s so easy to get caught up in the twittersphere or your facebook timeline, so don’t give yourself the unnecessary distraction.


6. Turn off your phone

You’re less likely to keep reaching for it if there’s the added step of turning it on and waiting for your wireless or data signal to connect.


7. Have everything at hand. If not, every time you step away from the task at hand, you’ll lose focus and momentum looking for things you need. Plus, you’ll probably find ways to keep putting off your work.


Seriously, stop ironing and colour coordinating your socks and get to work!



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