Almond Oil for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

Almond Oil for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nails

At VAPZ, we believe that natural beauty and skincare is the way to go.  Saving your skin from harsh chemicals and ingredients that are usually found in generic skincare lines can help to preserve your skin and reduce the risk of health conditions later in life.  This is why we are so dedicated to making sure our VAPZ body products are all natural and locally sourced to ensure the best quality for your skin.

With that being said, we are always looking for a new natural beauty solution to test out and our most recent experiment has been with almond oil.  Available at most health and drug stores, almond oil is a great addition to your beauty routine and can offer great benefits for your skin, hair, nails and your health when used as a cooking oil.


Almond oil is a light oil, so using it as a leave-in conditioner won’t leave you looking like a grease ball, but rather help nurture your ends and restore moisture to your hair that may be caused by heated styling products.

Using it as a hot oil treatment also does wonders for your scalp and is said to help restore fullness and volume to thinning or fine hair.  Simply heat the oil up, massage through your hair, concentrating on your scalp and wrap a warm towel around it.  Leave in overnight and enjoy soft shiny tresses after your morning shower!

Almond oil can also help to stimulate growth of your eyebrows and eyelashes.  By applying a small amount each night before bed, you can start seeing the difference in your lashes in just a couple of week!


Almond oil can be used for several different skin benefits, and can be used to even wash your face.  Oil cleansing is nothing new to the natural beauty industry.  Rubbing almond oil on your face, with or without make up, (Yup! It even doubles as a make-up remover!), then applying a hot towel to your face twice after will cleanse your face and also leave it gently moisturized without leaving your skin oil.

Using almond oil can help to reduce blemishes, dark circles and ever dry spots, which is a common problem during the winter months.


Do you find your nails are often thin and chipped?  Applying warm almond oil to your nails and rubbing it into your cuticles can help to strengthen them and promote smoother, healthier nails.

Do you have a favourite natural skin solution? Tell us in the comments!

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