Andrew W.K should be your life coach

Andrew W.K should be your life coach

Most of you might be asking, “Who the hell even is Andrew W.K.?” Those who are rock music fans might know him as that dirty, grungy guy who came out with arguably 2001’s most played party anthem, ‘Party Hard’:


Despite looking like he could use a shower, Andrew W.K. is known for being insanely positive and has given motivational speeches to countless organizations and schools around the world, using his music and his attitude to enrich the lives of others. With that said, here are five reasons to make Andrew W.K. your new life coach:


1. Andrew W.K.’s life philosophy is to party hard

The best philosophies are usually the simplest and there is nothing simpler than Andrew W.K.’s “party hard” ideal. How do you apply this to everyday life? What does it even mean? It means no matter what you do, have fun while you’re doing it and give it your all. Studying for a test? Party hard. About to ask your crush out on a date? Party hard. Going out with some friends to a club or house party? Party f–ing hard! Making “party hard” your personal affirmation really could add some positivity to several aspects of your life.


2. Andrew W.K. will bring you up when you’re feeling down, plus he gives great partying advice

 Andrew W.K. oozes positivity. You might think we’re joking but just check out some of his tweets:




3. Andrew W.K. dispenses real life advice you can actually use

 Not only does Andrew W.K. give life advice for simple things like realizing your full partying potential, he also tackles larger issues and provides advice that is direct, honest and above all else, genuine. For example, Andrew W.K. was recently asked by a reader of The Village Voice about how to deal with the fact that his girlfriend makes more money than he does and how to deal with the stress of it. Aside from recommending partying hard, Andrew W.K. imparted these wise words:

 “A great man does not sulk and complain about feeling inadequate or “unmanly,” but is constantly doubling his efforts to live with more humanity in his heart, to become more “human” than simply “man.” He strives to be challenged, to be tested, to be humbled; he embraces these tests of character, for he understands that the uncomfortable feelings that come with these trials are ultimately expanding his own inner nature and making him a fuller version of himself. He is wise enough to embrace the complete range of feelings and emotions — including weakness, humiliation, doubt, and even emasculation — knowing that all these sensations have value, and not limiting himself to the way he thinks “a man’s supposed to feel.” 


4. Andrew W.K. hung out with Deepak Chopra and talked about partying

You’ve got to respect Andrew W.K. for having a conversation about partying, God and expanding your mind with one of the world’s foremost spiritual gurus and being able to take away a lot from it.



5. Andrew W.K. loves pizza more than you do

 How much does he love pizza? He has a pizza guitar. Your argument is invalid.



Whether or not you decide to make Andrew W.K. your new permanent life coach is entirely up to you, but if there’s anything you should take away from him, it’s this:




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