Detox With VAPZ

Detox With VAPZ

Thanksgiving is just the beginning of eating season.  Holiday parties, New Year’s, family dinner and comfort food are the trends from now until we join the gym come January.  But it doesn’t have to be open season on carbs, it’s all about a balance.  That’s why VAPZ is here to help you detox after the long weekend.

VAPZ has a number of products that can help you cleanse and detox.  Here are just a few to help you stay healthy, strong and active.

The Purge

An essential part of our wellness tea line, The Purge is packed with earthy herbs and natural ingredients that help aid in cleaning out the system with sarsaparilla roots, ginger pieces and burdock root.  These ingredients and many more are known to cleanse the blood and keep things moving smoothly through the digestive system.  So the next time you’re feeling stuffed, steep a hot cup of this bold tea and let it give you and your stomach relief.

Digestive Wellness Shot

Everyone’s got a busy schedule these days that sometimes we don’t have the time to sit and steep a cup of tea.  Starting your day or even before a meal, this tasty shot is sure to help calm your stomach no matter what’s on your plate!  Aloe, beet and lime not only improve your digestive system, but can reduce bloating, gas, nausea and help to regulate you.  This shot will also help cleanse any bad bacteria that has settled in your stomach.

Burdock Mix

Our Burdock Mix cold pressed juice is a great way to kick your digestive system into gear before the holidays.  Similar to the digestive shot, this flavourful juice is made with fresh ingredients such as burdock root, apple, turmeric, ginger and cayenne.  This powerful juice cleanses your circulatory system, moves things along smoothly and helps to digest whatever heavy foods you choose to indulge yourself in.

Beet It

Our Beet It cold pressed juice comes with benefits beyond helping your digestive system.  This freshly made juice also helps to reduce memory loss, boost your immune system and fight signs of aging as it’s loaded with anti-oxidants.


Although our disposable and rechargeable e-cigarettes won’t necessarily help you detox, they could definitely help curb your appetite or sweet tooth craving!  With flavours such as grape, raspberry and birthday cake, your sweet tooth can be satisfied without the calories!

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