Don’t let pain hinder your travelling experience

Don’t let pain hinder your travelling experience

Summer is the time to escape the hustle and bustle of life and indulge in a vacation.  Whether it be around the globe or a long road trip south or across the country, putting your body through long periods of sedentary positions can make your vacation less of relaxing experience but, rather, a sore, painful and thus overwhelming one.  And the causes don’t stop there.  Luggage can also play a harmful part of travelling that many will overlook.

Physiomed has presented five tips to make your summer vacation just that, without the aches and pain.

Bag Lady

Choosing the right luggage can do wonders in the prevention of neck and back pain.  A bag that evenly distributes weight will help alleviate the pressure.  Avoiding one shoulder bags and opting for backpacks with thick straps help to distribute weight also and prevent the straps from cutting in under your arms.

Pack Light

It’s hard to pack light sometimes, but half the time you end up coming back with a section of clothes in your bag that hadn’t even been touched.  Make a list of essentials, outfits per days and travel size toiletries to keep the weight light on your back.

Straighten Up

As we discussed last week, posture can be a great tool to prevent neck and back pain. Being aware of your back position, neck strain and your own weight distribution can greatly prevent later pain.  Keep in mind that while seated, having your feet planted on the ground and by bringing along a small pillow or back support will also be a great benefit.

Put yourself in the right shoes

Vacations and trips usually involve a lot of walking, from sightseeing, to getting around, having the right shoes can help make all that walking less strenuous on your feet, legs and consequently, your back.  Remember, functionality is always better than fashion.

Move it!

Although you’re somewhat limited in a car or plane, taking small breaks every so often can really help alleviate some pain.  Even simply getting up from your seat and stretching helps to prevent back and neck pain later.


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