Should you be drinking distilled water?

Should you be drinking distilled water?

Staying hydrated throughout the day is important, so why wouldn’t you make sure your water is the best quality?  Especially when it’s recommended that you drink an average of eight 8-ounce glasses each day.  With that being said, ideally you want 74% of your body to be water, and if that’s how much of you is water, you shouldn’t be settling for anything less than the best.

Distilled water is the created through a process of heating water to a boiling point and then cooling the steam produced causing it to go back to its liquid state.  The distillation method has been raved about since the early 1900’s, with many acclaimed doctors and scientists claiming it to be the most pure form of water there is.  By running water through this process, you rid the water of any bacteria and microorganisms that can lead to health and medical issues later on.  Not only does the process clean the water, but by drinking distilled water, any inorganic minerals or mineral matter is eroded or washed away by the distilled water.  Not only will it eliminate mineral build up, but the benefits of drinking distilled water can also flush some other mineral build up that has already made its home within your body.

Today’s food industry is like that shady uncle you don’t know whether he’s being nice or creepy.  As with the minerals, however, distilled water actually eliminates harmful food additives such as GMOs.  And it doesn’t stop there. Distilled water helps to rid the body of harmful chemicals but metals as well, such as lead, mercury and arsenic.

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