Excite your Tastebudz with new VAPZ Flavoured Coffee

Excite your Tastebudz with new VAPZ Flavoured Coffee

Mornings aren’t easy for those of you on the go.  And if you’re human, chances are your mornings are down to the minute, from a perfectly timed shower to the outfit ready from the night before to the packed lunch ready to be thrown into your bag.  If you’re lucky, there’s time for a cup of morning fuel to get your day started the right way before you run out of the door.  But if you’re truly lucky, VAPZ flavoured coffee will be your morning guru to get your mind, body and soul ready for everything you have to tackle throughout the day.

We thought about offering basic coffee, but this is VAPZ and flavour is what we do best.  So we scoured the land, far and near for the best flavoured coffees to add to our product line.  After countless taste tests and hours of perfecting our premium blends, we are excited to introduce six bold flavours to make your morning, afternoon and evening an experience for your taste buds.

Not sure what to pair your morning coffee with? Don’t worry! We’ve got the perfecting pairing for all six blends.

Vanilla Hazelnut

Vanilla hazelnut is the perfect blend of nutty and sweet.  One whiff of this premium roast and you can hear it begging to have a fresh biscotti dipped into it.

Birthday Cake

If you’re one who prefers the classics, Birthday Cake is for you and gives your oatmeal cookie the right amount of sweetness without all the sugar.

Mint Chocolate

Mint chocolate may seem a bit odd for your morning routine, but paired with a moist chocolate chip muffin is a great Friday cheat treat.

Coconut Dream

Okay, so maybe you couldn’t make it to that tropical island, but that doesn’t mean you have to be bitter about it.  Indulge in this bold blend after a light breakfast of pineapple, bananas, and oranges atop creamy yogurt.  Tip: Chia seeds adds a bit of crunch without sacrificing flavour.


Our blueberry coffee is a light fruity roast that seems to be made for a fresh lemon poppy seed loaf.  Or muffin. Who’s picky, anyway?

Chocolate Raspberry

With so much flavour packed into a cup of coffee, a fluffy, buttery croissant is the perfect match.  Warmed with a bit of jam makes it a great treat for those lazy Saturday mornings.

To order your first VAPZ flavored coffee (or try them all!), check out our selection and full descriptions here!

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