Frenemies: They’re bad for your health

Frenemies: They’re bad for your health

According to astudyby Brigham Young University, frenemies are bad for your health. Known as ambivalent relationships, these friends were found to raise blood pressure. In fact, higher blood pressure and anxiety levels were found even when the ambivalent friend was in the next room or their name was flashed on a screen.

This strong reaction comes just from the anticipation of interaction alone! Weird, right? Julianne Holt-Lunstad says the reaction is partially down to the unreliability of a frenemy. Are they going to be cool today? Will they be rude or mean? There’s an uncertainty that leads to vulneravility for you, and you react to them because they mean something to you; there’s a connection, so what they do and say has an effect.  

Besides high blood pressure, ambivalent relationships cause stress that can leave your body open to a range of problems, while previous studies found that strong social ties reduce the risk of death to the same extent as quitting smoking! 

If you have beef with a frenemy, don’t just cope! Talk to them and explain your issues so both of you can try and come to an understanding. 


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