Generic vs. All-Natural Body care

Generic vs. All-Natural Body care

Exercise, a balanced diet and an optimal sleep pattern are usually the first few things that come to mind when one thinks about a healthier lifestyle.  We keep the body active, nourished and hydrated to ensure that we can handle whatever our day brings us.  But staying healthy on the inside is just as important as how we take care of the outside.  Whether you live somewhere with harsh winters and humid summers, or somewhere that is dry and hot all year, your face, body and lips need to be maintained accordingly.

Here in Toronto, our summers are humid, unpredictable and the smog can really take a toll on our skin.  On the flip side, the winter months subject our skin to harsh weather that tends to dry out our skin, leaving it rough, uncomfortable and thirsty.  And I’m sure more than a few of us hate the chapped lips that come with our colder seasons.  No matter the weather, however, we all stroll into the nearest drug store or mall in hope of finding the miracle cream.  But do you know what goes in to these generic products?

Although all body care products have to list their ingredients, half the time most of the components are barely recognizable.  Not only do they use harsh chemicals, such as benzoyl alcohol, which actually damages the liver and can cause severe allergic reactions, but the additives used to acquire certain scents can be harmful.  In addition, other ingredients such as methylparaben, among several others, have been linked to many conditions including, but definitely not limited to, brain damage and birth defects.

Here at VAPZ, we understand the importance of healthy living, and to help you keep your outside healthy we have put ourselves to work to concoct a balanced selection of all-natural body products with an ingredient list that won’t leave you confused.  Our line of moisturizing lip balms, luxurious body butter and refreshing face and body mists will have you feeling soft and fresh all day long!

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