Go On, Get Outside!

Go On, Get Outside!

Naturally we are drawn to nature. No, we are not naturally drawn to electronics and computers (that’s called an addiction). We feel better when we spend time outdoors, in gardens, parks, beaches and so on. We are hardwired deep down to connect with nature. There is a natural bond that exists between us humans and other livings systems.

Sometimes it just takes a little bit of motivation. If you’re thinking “they are trying to motivate me to go outside and exercise”, you’re completely wrong! We’re suggesting the complete opposite, for you to get outside and enjoy nature and all it has to offer. Why? Because it does you good!

Do you know why you should get outside more often?

Literally, it’s good for your heart!

A research based out of Japan has showed that the practice of sitting in a forest, actually lowers your blood pressure. It has also shown to decrease your stress hormone levels.

Extra happiness + improved memory

People who live closer to nature actually experience less anxiety and depression. Surprised? No, I think you already knew that! Walking in nature has been shown to improve mood and short-term memory, especially in those who have depression.

Fighting off Illnesses

Exposure to nature improves your immune system. This is a very important part of our defense against viruses and cancer.

Rest your brain

Remove yourself from areas that trigger stressful thoughts. Contact with nature also improves focus, concentration and work productivity. Win!

Natural mindfulness

Immersing yourself in nature makes you more aware of your surroundings. The sound of birds chirping, the waves — this is all natural mindfulness, at your disposal.


Even if you can only get out for a bit, it makes all the difference. Discover your neighborhood. Maybe there is a quiet park you didn’t even know about! It will improve your health in countless ways! What are you waiting for? 


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