Have you heard of Bill 45?

Have you heard of Bill 45?

Things at the VAPZ headquarters has been a whirlwind with scents of roasted flavoured coffee and fruity tea blends as we prepare all of our new products for all of you! It’s been no secret that we’ve been brewing and steeping away to make sure we deliver you only the best premium products right to you but let’s go back to the vape community this week.

If you’re an avid vaper or new to the community, chances are you’re well aware of Bill 45, otherwise known as the ‘Making Healthier Choices Act’.  It has been on the table for almost a year now and the proposed restrictions have the vape community fuming.  Representative of a healthy alternative and a tool to not only quit smoking but also suppress your appetite, vapers are confused by the constant demonization that Ontario’s government has been placing on e-cigarettes and vape shops everywhere.

Why has vaping been getting the same sort of taboo coverage and restrictions than traditional cancer sticks? On top of that, why is packaging and vape shops having to restrict certain liberties granted to their customers to the same extent of cigarettes? For example, as a pack of cigarettes at a gas station or corner would have to keep their cigarettes hidden, Bill 45 proposes something to the similar affect.  Preventing store owners from opening, showing and demonstrating their products to potential buyers, they’re ability to sell isn’t the only aspect being hindered.

All e-cigarettes are different, and with the ever-expanding industry now offering an array of modifications and add-ons, demonstration is a critical point in a sale.  Not only for long-time vapers, but people that are only now embracing the smoking alternative benefit greatly from shop owners displaying different products, features and specs of all their products.

Here’s a video that explains some more ways that legislation on vape products have proven to be more skewed and unfair than the vaping community originally assumed.


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