How important are your shoulders?

How important are your shoulders?

Summer has officially arrived and, for most of us, that means getting outside and getting active.  Whether you’re enjoying a round of beach volleyball, catch or simply enjoying the warm weather and getting yard work done, you run the risk of a shoulder injury if you aren’t aware of proper biomechanics.  Biomechanics refers to the movement and function of your body; if you aren’t moving properly the impact to your body can lead to major issues.  With regards to your shoulders, it is crucial to maintain proper function as it can lead to complications around the neck, upper back and what is more commonly referred to lats, which is the large muscles from the lower back, up the sides to your underarms.

Below we have Dr. Jason Lemieux of Physiomed Oakville lends some tips to evaluate your own shoulder abilities and quality of movement and what to avoid as you embrace your summer activities!

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