How to: Create Your Own Haunted Space

How to: Create Your Own Haunted Space

Screw pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters. Halloween is what it’s really about once the leaves turn colour and the days start getting shorter.  For those of you who have been waiting to break out that black lipstick and fake blood to scare the pesky neighborhood children, Do U Know has got the how to on creating your own haunted scene.

Picking an area

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Pick somewhere on your property that you want to transform into your version of a horror movie scene.  It could be something as simple as the walk up to the candy cauldron or maybe it’s a full walk through your garage or backyard.  Trees can help add the scare factor, giving much opportunity to hang skeletons, cobwebs and bloody stained sheets from.

Pick your theme

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Picking a theme where you have to think of how your area can be transformed. It wouldn’t be ideal recreating a cemetery in a garage of course.  You can feel free to base it off a creepy fairytale (Let’s be real, Hansel & Gretel is not exactly a bedtime story) or even a famous movie scene.  Carnivals, forests, cemeteries and doctor labs are great theme for both indoor and outdoor setups.

Recruit volunteers

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If you’re lucky enough to not only have friends, but have some friends awesome enough to help you with your scare tactic, put them to work! Anyone walking through probably won’t be expecting people hidden behind curtains, trees and in the darkness.

Consider the age group

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This is where flexibility is key. If you have a group of small kids coming through, make sure there’s a way to communicate to your fellow spookers to go easy for next bunch.  And for that group of teenagers that think they know everything at 15, show no mercy. Because nothing is more satisfying than seeing an arrogant teenager pee his pants. Nothing.

Budget yourself

You don’t always need an extravagant setting to make the most of your scary space.  You can stock up on things at the dollar store, and for big fabric pieces, ripping some old curtains found at a second hand store will save you some money too.  Just remember that it’s going to black as night for the most part, aside from any lighting effects you decide to use. And remember that there’s always next year, so make sure to stock up after Halloween!


Happy scaring, my pretties!


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