How to make money on your books

How to make money on your books

Get more money for your textbooks with easy bookselling on these sites:



Sign up for a seller account, list your books. Get money! The only problem is that a lot of interest might come from U.S schools, so choose wisely which books you decide to post. Aka you’re better off not wasting time posting a book for $10 or less or you’ll just end up losing money in the shipping process.



Same deal as Amazon but eBay uses auctions as a selling method, so you can easily lose control of your preferred pricing.



Add all the books you’re looking for into the ‘book bag’ to get a price comparison and find out which websites will get you the most money for your textbooks.


4. BookMob

Because BookMob is Canadian, you’ll be appealing to students taking classes similar to yours, so you’re more likely to get serious interest in your textbooks. They also offer an extra 10% with their BookMob Credit incentive.






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