Keep Your Lower Back in Check

Keep Your Lower Back in Check

It’s August! And for many that means back to school mode is on full power.  Between making lists, colour coding binders and picking out the perfect first day outfit, your health should also be on your mind.

Heavy backpacks, books, commuting in a car or bus are all components that can lead to lower back pain.  A common mistake is not knowing where to bend.  Most people will pick something up while bending the middle of their back rather than using their range of motion in their hips.

In order to strengthen your lower back and avoid the risk of chronic pain in the future, Dr. Jason Lemieux of Physiomed Oakville demonstrates something you can all do at home in order to maximize the flexibility in your hips.


Hip Hinge/Deadlift Part 1-2 from Dr. Jason Lemieux on Vimeo.

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