Should you be making bone broth?

Should you be making bone broth?

We’ve all heard of stock and broth, but bone broth is the new kid on the field.  While stock is often made with mostly bone and some meat, and broth is made with meat and a few bones, bone broth is made with both bones and some meat that’s still on the bone.  Although stock is made with the same ratio, it’s usually simmered for 3-4 hours whereas bone broth can simmer for up to and even longer than 24 hours.  By the end, the bones will crumble with a light touch, more gelatin is released from the joints and much more mineral matter is extracted during the process.

So what does bone broth do for you and your health?  Aside from being rich in protein, it also serves as a great source of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.  It also releases glycine, an amino acid that is known to support the detoxification of your body.  Bone broth can also improve joint health by managing inflammation and boost your immune system, which is a great benefit to take advantage during the colder months.

Not only can your insides reap the benefits of bone broth, but your skin can benefit greatly from the collagen released by the bones.  Collagen, usually found in anti-aging beauty products, help to improve skin elasticity as well as moisture retention, preventing dry skin.

Bone broth can easily be made at home for under $10, or purchased at your local grocer!

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