Moving 101

Moving 101

Exams are finally over! You’re ready to get the hell away from campus and onto the nearest beach. But first, there’s one more lesson to be learned: How to pack like a pro.


It’s actually pretty easy to go from this…



to this…



but happier!



1. Overestimate the amount of boxes you think you’ll need to avoid any last-minute panic.


2. Determine furniture layout for your new place in advance.


3. Pack plates vertically or place disposable foam ones between each for extra protection.


4. Pack an overnight bag with essentials: a couple of outfits, underwear, toiletries and medication. Don’t forget chargers and important cables!


5. Pack the toolbox and cleaning supplies last and make sure they’re the first things you unload. 


6. Make a list of boxes detailing what’s inside each one and which room they belong in. Cover your bases with electronic and hard copy versions.


7. Label the top and all sides of boxes for easy identification even when they’re stacked.


8. Take pictures of your old place when you’re done cleaning and everything is in the best state possible, then take pictures of the conditions at your new place before you start moving in. This is your insurance against damage charges or accusations. Be sure to email the pictures to yourself so you have a copy.


9. Set up the bedroom first and keep things that haven’t been unpacked away from the room. This should be your safe-haven from all of the moving stress!



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