Physio For Your Jaw?

Physio For Your Jaw?

Physio is a word that we usually associate with the biomechanics of our bigger, more prominently used limbs; knees, shoulders, the back, etc.  But rarely do we think of our jaw as a joint.  Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, otherwise known as TMJ syndrome for short, is what we call a symptom complex that causes pain in your jaw joint.

A symptom complex merely means than rather than a single condition, TMJ is a series of symptoms that increases discomfort at the joint of jaw.  There can be many causes that lead to TMJ, something that 20-30% of the population suffers from.  Some causes of TMJ may be whiplash that has occurred during a motor vehicle accident, clenching your jaw at night as well as grinding your teeth.

Symptoms mainly consists of pain at the jaw joint, which connects your skull to your lower law, as well as that area just in front of you ear, you head, your neck, face and the actual ear.  On top of the discomfort, there are several other signs that could amount to TMJ.  For example, a popping and clicking sound when you chew may be worth looking into along with headaches and problems biting down.

As with all aspect of Physiomed’s integrated approach to healing, treating TMJ is something that differs from case to case.  After an initial assessment, depending on the degree of injury and degeneration, your physiotherapist will customize a program that could involve, but is definitely not limited to, manual stimulation, stretching and massage therapy.

So if you’ve got a pain just under and in front of your ear, be sure to visit one of location for your assessment today!

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