Prepare for the Holidays with VAPZ

Prepare for the Holidays with VAPZ

December is fast-approaching, and with the beginning of all the snow just starting now, it’s hard not to have your mind set on the holiday season ahead.  And we’re not talking just about the gift-giving part.  There’s endless holiday parties, dinner gatherings and lots of chocolate going around.  That healthy lifestyle you’ve been promising yourself to embrace come January 1 doesn’t have to wait.  Some habits take years to break, but new habits, healthy ones, can be built up over time.  It has been said that it takes doing something for 21 days for it to become a habit.  Of course, some people may take longer, as a recent study has shown that on average, people formed a habit around the 66th day.  So what’s there to lose by starting some of those resolutions earlier?  VAPZ has 5 simple changes you could start making before the New Year to get a head start on your resolutions.

Drink Water

The benefits of drinking water are endless, from keeping your body hydrated, to helping to prevent breakouts and take care of skin health, it’s the one little habit that goes a long way.  Drinking a few cups in the morning helps to kick start your metabolism for the day and hydrates you since you’ve been sleeping for the past 6-8 hours.  We’re not saying to skip the spiked eggnog, but making sure you’re drinking more water than pop, sugary punches and other drinks is a good start!

Keep it Balanced

Balance is everything; Yin and Yang.  As with drinking water vs. holiday drinks, everything could be enjoyed in moderation.  Think of your health as a bank account.  The healthier good stuff you do for yourself and body are like deposits, whereas the chocolate cake or rest day from your workout routine is a withdrawal.  You always want to make sure everything is balanced.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Aside from health goals, many people also have financial resolutions.  Yes, December isn’t quite the month to think about savings, but with gift purchases and holidays outfits, it’s easy to lose track of your budget.  Having financial resolutions is important to keep your budget on point but also to create a hard limit when it comes to expenses.  It’s easy to overlook certain costs during the holidays, yet, come January, we’re struggling to piece together bill payments and other financial obligations.  December is definitely not a month to skip the savings jar.  By simply putting a little less away, you can soften the blow of the load of credit card bills in 2017.

Move it

Okay, so you’ve promised yourself to get to the gym and pledge yourself to a regular work out schedule.  Easier said than done, my friends.  But it doesn’t have to be such a shock.  Think about it this way: you’ve spent most of December indulging in the amazing comfort food of the holidays, maybe didn’t have enough time to workout at all, and come January your body is going to feel like it was hit with a truck after your first leg day.  You can alleviate some of the body shock by picking up some small habits to keep you more active during the colder months.  Opting for stairs and commercial break work outs are easy ways to get your body ready for more intense exercise routines.

Stay Positive

Aside from financial and physical resolutions, happiness should definitely be prioritized resolution.  Self-care, mental health and positivity not only keep you happy, but also provide some great physical benefits as well.  Calming activities, daily affirmations and meditation are definitely worth fitting into your holiday schedule to keep you Zen and peaceful this holiday season!


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