Relax with VAPZ

Relax with VAPZ

In a society that embraces the hustle and bustle lifestyle, it could be hard for many of us to slow down, unwind and relax.  With our VAPZ wellness and lifestyle products, we’ve created an effective and healthy night time routine that could make it easier for you to relax!


Our Senza tea is the perfect start to unwinding after a busy day.  This herbal tea is a blend of rose-hip, apple, hibiscus, lemongrass and lime tree petals.  The earthy flavour is perfectly balanced by the sweet and tart apple and hibiscus! Want to relax? Steep a cup of Senza and let your worries go.

Calming Lavender Face Mist

Want to relax AND keep your skin looking fresh and clear?  Our Calming Lavender Face Mist is a great addition to any nighttime routine. The lavender essential oil helps to bring calm to you while your skin can benefit from the witch hazel, which is a great natural skin toner!

Relax Vita Stix

Our Vita Stix line is the first of its kind in Canada.  Many people have embraced the vaping lifestyle as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, but our Vita Stix take it to another level.  Not only does it satisfy the habit, but with every inhale, you are absorbing small amounts of lavender, melatonin, valerian and neroli, all great ingredients that help you relax and unwind.

For more information on more VAPZ products, check out their website here!

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