Short Film Of The Week: Unleaded

Short Film Of The Week: Unleaded

Three thus in south London attempt to rob a petrol station, but are suddenly interrupted when a couple of stoners show up with a serious case of the munches in this dark comedic thriller.

unleaded from Luke Davies on Vimeo.


Spoiler Alert

This short film has all of the description of what dark comedy film is all about. Even though the film is only 7 minutes long, you get the chills, the thrills and the laughs all in one. You have characters in this film playing dramatic roles and then you have comedic characters who plays the perfect typically stoners you’d see at a gas station looking to buy munchies. The film was beautifully shot and the intenseness of the sound goes perfectly with the direction of each shot and Luke Davies did an amazing job shooting this entire film in a single night. Well done.


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