Sitting all day? You may want to take a look at this

Sitting all day? You may want to take a look at this

Who doesn’t love sitting.  That moment your tukas hits the cushion, you lean back and you can relax.  Now, that’s great and all, but with the shift in society and lifestyle over the past few decades, we have come to a point where sitting is required for a lot of activities throughout our daily routine.  Work, school, driving; they all demand a pretty stationary position to get done.  Perhaps too much.

Excessive sitting can result in a number of issues, especially musculoskeletal conditions that affect your range of motion in your lower half as well as lower back pain and in some cases, even injury.  Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to get away from routine, but our friends atPhysiomedhas taken some time to show how you can minimize the consequences of sitting for too long.  

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