Staying Active as the Temperature Drops

Staying Active as the Temperature Drops

Hibernation season is coming up! And as much as we love our comfort food and our tight bond with our bed, we know that life is all about a balance.  It does get a bit more difficult to stay motivated and squeeze in a workout. More so when its cold out and all you want is to be toasty and warm inside.  But we’re sure that that Thanksgiving feast this past weekend and yourself conceived a decent food baby.

Commercial Breaks

If you’re still living in the stone ages of cable TV, or maybe you’re one of the few who still enjoys channel surfing from time to time, those annoying commercial breaks can be useful.  We assure you, you will not be missing any Annalise sass or Gaga realness.  Do crunches until the show begins. Get those squats or attempt holding a plank for as long as you could during commercials. 

Make a schedule

Now, this may not work for everyone. Especially for those who live a day-to-day lifestyle with little routine involved. But pick one time slot for each day or a daily activity to associate working out with.  If you cook a meal every Sunday, wear ankle weights in the kitchen and work your calves while you chop your veggies.  Even if you’re not a 9 to 5-er, you could make it a habit of waking up by a certain time for a jog outside. 

Get outside

Fall is good for morning runs and long hikes. Layers will keep you warm enough to be comfortable and it’s important to keep dry, to avoid getting chilly and resulting in a nasty cold.  Wearing clothing that uses a dri-fit technology is an ideal first layer as it will keep your body dry and wick away any sweat.  Parks are filled with benches you could put to use. The autumn colours are an added bonus for outdoor workouts.

Try out a class

Lots of gyms and training centres offer free trial classes, and with websites likeClassPlassyou could gym hop and test a bunch of different places to find your niche.  It doesn’t always have to be a workout class. Beginner dance classes are a great way to add some fun to your workout goals and meet some great people with the same interests. Who knows? Maybe you’ll tap into a hidden talent.

Make it a habit

We’re sure you’ve heard that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit.  Keep this is mind when you reach that one week point and think you deserve a shiny medal. No, sweetie. Get up. Get moving. And keep going.


DoUKnow how you’ll be staying active? We want to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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