Staying Active this Fall

Staying Active this Fall

As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, staying active this fall could be a challenge for many.  Naturally, you’re going to want to spend more time wrapped in blankets, Netflix and carb-ing.  But just because summer is over doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye to your summer body!  Here’s a few tips on staying active this fall and keeping a healthy lifestyle all year round!

Get Outside

Although the sunshine may not be as constant as the summer months, fall is a great time to get the last of the outdoor weather before the winter hits.  Add a layer or two and get outside! Yard work, hiking, canoeing and kayaking are all great fall activities to do to stay active.

Make the Time

September is always known to be such a busy month for everyone.  Whether you’re a student or a busy career individual, chances are the buckles tighten at this time of the year.  From exams to assignments to meetings, your day is full of obligations.  Make exercise one of them and treat it just like that afternoon meeting with someone important; this time that someone is you.

Change Up Your Comfort Zone

Naturally, our diet tends to be a bit more carb and meat centered as the temperature drops.  But as with everything in life, it is important to keep everything balanced.  Finding healthy alternatives to your favourite comfort foods is easy and can be very affordable!

Winter is Coming

With fall comes the promise of another winter approaching, but it’s this first change of seasons that can affect your immune system much more than the colder months.  It’s also much more common to get the flu and other illnesses in the fall as your body adjusts to yet another autumn.  Keeping oregano oil around and other immune boosting foods in your diet can help keep you healthy and ready for any workout!

Sleep Easy

As the days get shorter, studies have shown that we are more apt to oversleep in the early weeks of fall.  As we get used to the shorter days and less sunlight, it’s understandable that our bodies would want the extra rest.  Ensuring you’re well rested will increase the effectiveness of your workout and give you that extra bit of energy to endure what you have planned for the day.

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