Stop Snacking!

Stop Snacking!

Whether you’re still committed to your New Year’s resolution or you’re simply seeking out a healthier lifestyle, eating habits are hard to break sometimes.  And something about colder weather just makes you want to consistently shovel food into your mouth.  Some people are emotional eaters, some people stress eat and other may just eat of boredom.  Either way, these can all lead to excessive snacking throughout the day, putting your goals on slo-mo.   


It’s important to remember that you should only be eating when you’re hungry, and stop once you begin to feel, not until you hate yourself.

Our friends at Physiomed have put together some tips to stop yourself from snacking throughout that day and keep you on track for your lifestyle goals.  Here are just a few of their suggestions:

·         Distract Yourself

o   Usually the urge to snack isn’t a result of actual hunger, it’s usually a boredom thing.  So when you’re bored and you find yourself opening the cupboards and fridge on a Sunday afternoon, direct your energy elsewhere.  Give yourself a task and eat a proper meal afterwards.

·         Eat Regular Meals

o   Making sure you have three full meals a days will help reduce snacking as your hunger will be satiated longer than just having a snack as filler and getting hungry again an hour later.

·         Choose Healthier Options

o   This is related to the regular meals since you’re hunger is going to be a common visitor if those meals aren’t optimal.  Think about it this way, a Big Mac combo isn’t going to keep you full for as long as a homemade balanced meal.

·         Don’t Keep “Binge Foods”

o   How can you eat something that’s not there? It’s easy to skip the chip aisle at the grocery store and if you do want something to munch on, make sure to keep the choices healthy.  Nuts and dried fruits make great snacks and additions to salads!

For much more information on how you can avoid snacking all day, check out Physiomed’s blog here!



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