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Tea is one of the oldest acclaimed drinks.  From cultural rituals to social circles, it brings people peace, calm and relaxation.  Not only does it wind you down, but the right blend of herbs can get your day started without the excessive amount of caffeine packed that you’d find in some coffee.  Here are 5 benefits that you may not have known tea has:

Tea can protect your bones

Animal tests have been done and have shown that green tea specifically, not only acts in the prevention of bone loss, but bones were also harder and much stronger than before.  Think of your bones as the framework to your temple; if it isn’t strong, the rest of your body and movement quality is slowly effected.

Tea is calorie free

Of course, if you’re loading it up with sugars and sweeteners, that changes, but tea on its own is a guilt-free but flavourful way to get your daily water intake.  Too hot for a summer day? Brew your favourite tea the night before, sweeten to desired taste and chill overnight!

Tea helps to keep your teeth pearly white

Pop and sugar-packed juices erode at your tooth’s enamel, whereas tea is not only gentler on your teeth, but can decrease your risk of future tooth loss.

Tea can help you last longer

Get your mind out of the gutter; we’re talking exercise here.  Green tea is packed with antioxidants, some of which help your body use fat as fuel.  This results in a great improvement of muscle endurance, helping you take your workout to the next level.

Tea helps counteract effects of smoking

If you’ve tried to quit smoking and find your coffee intake has increased, switching to a morning tea might be the better answer!  Tea not only satisfies the craving of oral fixation, but can actually reduce your risk of heart disease and lung cancer.

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