The Origin of Vaping

The Origin of Vaping

Vaping is unfortunately assumed as a pretentious community, often mocked the same way vegans are.  Constantly waving it in your face that they vape, but let’s be real, it’s coming from a good place.  However, most people don’t assume these are health fanatics, they’re usually seen as a specimen similar to this guy.


Somehow along the way, the healthy smoking alternative became a sexy thing, too.  Conventions with car models, sexily blowing smoke into cameras isn’t exactly inviting to the masses.  It became a very exclusive culture attached to a product that at its core is a health product, an alternative for people who want to enjoy the experience of smoking with having to worry about getting lung cancer by the time you’re 40.

If you ask most people, they wouldn’t be able to tell you who or when e-cigarettes really became an option.  And if you were to ask most vapers, they would most likely credit Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik who had patented his version in the mid-2000s.

But let me introduce you to Herbert A. Gilbert.  He was simply someone who wanted an alternative to smoking cigarettes.  He had submitted his patent back in 1963 for the first electronic cigarettes decades before the public even thought of it.  With that being said, smoking back then didn’t have nearly the same reputation it’s tainted with today.  Gilbert had made a product that the public wasn’t ready for just yet.  Cigarettes were part of social pastime, not exactly a cancer-causing addiction.  It came down to marketing, the healthy tobacco-free option wasn’t necessary, and selling something when the masses don’t see a problem with the current version isn’t going to do so well.

Although the industry is still going through somewhat of a brand crisis, the people at the heart of the vape movement have got the right idea; cigarettes kill and vaping is saving the lives of so many long time smokers that the benefits can no longer be ignored.  They are the ones protesting the ridiculous backlash from legislation (poor things, losing all that tobacco money), the ones coming together and creating conventions that educate, inform and bring people that have struggled with smoking in a way that a smoker’s circle in the dead of winter can never understand.

So the next time you see a meme about some douchey vaper, remember that it’s an industry that has been misrepresented this far.  Vapers are health advocates.  That ‘s it.

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