The Vapz Quit Smoking Challange

The Vapz Quit Smoking Challange

As we are approaching the New Years, you are probably looking for a new start. You probably want to quit smoking. We can help. 

Vapzing is a healthier alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. There’s no secondhand smoke to worry about, no ash, no fire hazards – and you can satisfy your cravings without toxic tobacco! 

How to take the Vapz Challenge: 

1. Make sure you’re ready to kick the habit 
The Canadian Cancer Society says that the single best thing you can do to improve your health is to quit smoking. Free services like Smokers’ Helpline are available to help you develop a quit program and give you tips for dealing with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

2. Make the most of our Vapz offers 
Get 2 free vape juices with purchase of a Vapz kit! 

3. Know your triggers 
Pinpoint the things that usually make you reach for a cigarette and try to avoid as much as you can. When you feel like you need a cigarette, reach for your Vapz stick instead! 

4. Puff, puff, pass on something worthwhile 
Tell your smoking buddies about the Vapz Quit Smoking Challenge and our exclusive offers so they can choose Vapz Taste Budz to kick the habit too! 

Leave smoking behind. Quit smoking with Vapz Taste Budz! 

Use #VapzMotivation to share your quit smoking story with us &

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