What are the best and worst foods for bloating?

What are the best and worst foods for bloating?

Feel like this guy after a meal?

Then you’re bloated!Bloatingis usually caused by rich and fatty foods that take longer to digest, eating too fast or eating too much; so eat lighter, slower and in smaller portions. There are foods that will puff you up like a balloon, so you can also avoid the food baby feeling by only munching on things known to keep the bloat at bay.


Bad for the bloat:


– High-sodium foods

Too much sodium causes water retention which is a tummy villain in the bloat department. 


– Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but definitely not uncomfortable bloating. Some people are intolerant to the fibre and natural sugars in apples causing uncomfortable bloating.


– Legumes

Beans beans they’re good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you…bloat?

 The sugars and fibre in legumes that our bodies can’t absorb cause gassiness which makes us bloat.


– Broccoli, cabbage, kale

These cruciferous veggies contain sugars that remain undigested in your gut until bacteria ferments it, causing you to bloat. Aka kale farts are too real. Ew.



Beat the bloat:


– B-a-n-an-a-s

This sh–t really is bananas! Potassium-rich food, like bananas, regulate your sodium levels and help prevent water retention.


– Ginger

This anti-inflammatory soothes the digestive system to relieve bloating.


– Probiotic yogurt

You’ve seen the ads, and it turns out that the probiotics in yogurt actually are legit for digestive regulation.


– Cucumbers

Reduce the puff under your eyes and in your stomach with cucumbers that contain quercetin – an antioxidant that reduces swelling.


– Fennel seeds

What even is fennel, right? Well, it’s worth getting familiar with this seed for its ability to relax gastrointestinal spasms, allowing gas to pass and relieve bloating.


– Asparagus

The properties and prebiotics of asparagus make it a superfood for anti-bloating.






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