What to do when you’ve got the runs on campus

What to do when you’ve got the runs on campus

Sometimes, you really just have to GO. Like, you’ve got to run because you have a feeling last night’s burrito will soon be making an appearance. Catching our drift?


What you need to do is find a throne to call your own. Don’t be embarrassed it happens to everyone. When you’re not in a state of emergency, you should scout your lecture halls for the closest bathrooms.


However, there is a strategy to finding the perfect campus bathroom to call your own:


1.   High traffic areas like the student centre just means more people.


More people mean more flushes. More flushes means more of a mess. To find your own throne, you have to start by finding quieter buildings with less traffic (e.g. buildings with classrooms versus 500-seat lecture halls). Seek and you shall find.


2.    The higher the floor, the cleaner the facilities. Take the library for example, the 8th floor will most likely have fewer people hanging around. The main floor bathrooms will – without a doubt – be atrocious. If you can hold it in for a few floors, you will be pleasantly surprised to find a throne to call your own.


3.   Once you find the perfect throne, keep it a secret!

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